Code for the Future Program

Code For the Future (CFTF) a United Wilmington Youth Foundation pilot basic Computer Science program implemented at Banning High School Parent Center through June 18,2014.

The goal of this program is to broaden participation in computer science for the economically challenged minority students and girls who are lacking in this field and in particular in the community of Wilmington. CFTF program supports K-12 students who would receive 1-5 hours per week of coursework that teaches basic coding computer language, critical thinking and design. The courses will be delivered by experienced volunteers and directors.
UWYF Art and Science Space experimental Lab small but effective in many ways, sets goals that can be achieved by giving students fewer and simpler choice in an informal setting, with a focus on the highest quality options for the first time user..

Hour of Code Campaign

Step-by-step curriculum short videos, example code, and exercises make coding fun and accessible for beginners. Students move through contently at their own pace based on their understanding and mastery of course concepts.

Computer Science (Coding) is not for every child some may want to be Doctors, Lawyers, Construction Workers Machinist, Refinery but every child will in encounter or interact with today’s technology throughout their lives in one form or another (Android or Iphone) and for those aspiring to be engineers, or computer aided drawing techs or Webmasters or Automated Techs this is a basic introduction.


Port of LA KIOSK Project

UWYF with the help of  the Port of Los Angeles is working on a Kiosk/Photo Stand that will promote the Port and offer a courtesy photo taken by the Kiosk. This Kiosk is being built with technology that in the near future could be expose many youth to these technologies which are being used nationwide to bridge the link between computers and robotics in new and different ways. We would like to thank all the people in our community that are helping us.


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